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Disinfecting Cleaning Services

If you need reliable Disinfecting Cleaning Services in Denver and surrounding areas from viruses, including Anti Coronavirus Disinfecting Cleaning Services, you are in the right place. Our employees will quickly arrive at any location in Brooklyn and Manhattan, any day of the week.

What are our advantages?

  • The prices for disinfection of the apartment from viruses, disinfection of the house, and industrial and commercial premises are affordable.
  • The cleaning technology of dry steam meets high standards.
  • Our method of disinfection from microorganisms and viruses consists of spraying some colorless and odorless substance, which is absolutely safe for plants, animals, and people.

Zipy Clean performs Disinfecting Cleaning Services in Denver and surrounding areas (specialized chemical treatment) from viruses and bacteria of any type.

This type of Disinfecting & Sterilizing Service is complex. It is intended for both residential and non-residential premises such as offices, warehouses, and catering points.

Our workers perform all necessary cleaning tasks with the help of modern equipment: generators of hot and cold steam and certified detergents. All our disinfectant specialists undergo quarterly training.

Disinfection of premises from viruses is obligatory according to the norms of sanitary and epidemiological control. Following such a procedure, the threat to human health will not arise.

Viruses and microorganisms can cause serious harm to a human’s life, especially when it comes to those who suffer from allergic and respiratory diseases.


How to carry out a 100% cleaning disinfection and sterilization of an apartment from viruses?

Just order our disinfecting cleaning services, and don’t worry about anything. Getting rid of harmful microorganisms in your home will not be difficult with Zipy Clean. To book this service, simply contact us by phone or on the website. We are available for communication and are ready to perform your order whenever you want.

Our team will arrive at the location at the appointed time and perform the necessary task: remove mold, clean air conditioning or ventilation, and deep clean your apartment, home, or office. It will take a 1-hour minimum for the full disinfection and cleaning of your premises.


When you order disinfection for the entire apartment, a guarantee will be provided

Professional disinfection against viruses in an apartment or house is carried out using modern methods of elimination of microorganisms that are dangerous for human health. Our staff uses innovative techniques that are intended for perfect disinfection. Among the main methods, there are:

  • Treatment with hot steam or Commercial Steam Cleaning that is carried out using chemicals of gaseous type. The generator of hot steam splits the liquid substance into the gaseous state. We use it to destroy harmful viruses in remote places, including coronavirus. It allows us to get rid of dangerous viruses during one cleaning session.
  • Cold steam (irrigation) or Spray Sanitizing Services that involve the disinfection of the premises from viruses and allergens by spraying the disinfectant in a liquid form. A special device sprays in the air a particular active substance that destroys harmful microorganisms and viruses.

What are the main stages of our work?

  • Identification of the places of origin and spread of the problem.
  • Determining the most effective disinfection tactics.
  • Treatment with special equipment when people and animals are not on the premises .
  • Cleaning after fumigation.
  • Airing of premises, hygienic cleaning.

Among our advantages in Disinfecting Cleaning Services in Denver and surrounding areas we can distinguish the following:

  • Safe detergents of the fourth class of low-hazard substances that don’t influence humans and pets;
  • Professional approach — all work is performed by highly qualified specialists;
  • Guarantee on all produced disinfection measures (free disinfection of viruses in case of warranty);
  • Affordable prices. We constantly monitor prices in the market of disinfection services and offer our customers affordable prices.
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